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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary

This is a late post because I've had some trouble getting our VHS wedding video transferred to DVD by professionals.  (I was unhappy with the quality)   
I've learned way more than I wanted about VHS transfer the last month, but it's finally uploaded.
I did not realize that videos begin to degrade over time, and since our video was made in 1998, it has many artifacts already.    So if you have home movies that need to get transferred to DVD, do not delay it like I did.   I wish there was some magic program for videos that could fix all the problems with this, but I was not able to find anyone in our area to improve upon it.  I need Hollywood.  Several people told me it would cost thousands of dollars to just improve it by 33% at the most, and they only knew of one company in the Bay area who could attempt it.      It's a real bummer because when we watched this ten years ago, the quality was beautiful.   This was even the master copy.     With HD, it looks much worse than standard def.
Oh well, I will try to be happy with what we have.   I need to learn how to transfer our home movies on DVD so I don't have to pay someone next time.   There are so many to do that I could never afford it.

Our original video montage has the song "Rose" from Titanic, and it's so beautiful that I had a hard time putting a new song with it.    Our videographer shot the footage after our wedding in Oakland that morning, and had it all ready for the reception that evening.  He put up a huge projector screen and showed the temple footage put to the Titanic music.  There were a lot of tears that evening!    But for our anniversary I wanted to do something new to it,  using a current song we both love.    I also had the original version put on DVD too.

Wedding-Anniv-001 from Lori Thompson on Vimeo.

*I recommend NOT enlarging this to full screen.  It loses too much quality.